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Wedding Photography

Year end, despite being a festive season, is also viewed by many as the most suitable time in a year to get married. I myself also had my wedding day held in December 2 years ago! To make your wedding a memorable one, engaging the service of wedding photography is a must. Believe me; wedding photos will definitely serve as a long lasting memory in many years down the road for both of you!

Wedding Photography picture people  photo

Marriage Is ...

For those uninitiated, wedding photography is not only the photography of the couple before marriage. Nowadays, the wedding photography package actually includes coverage of the wedding day and reception lunch or dinner. Many photography studios and even independent photographers offer complete wedding photography package like this.

Fancy shooting your photos in oversea? How about the idea of having your pre marriage wedding photography taken in Canada? I would suggest Nova Scotia, one of the 4 Atlantic Provinces of Canada. Peggys Cove and Cape Breton Island are among some of the most popular destinations in Nova Scotia. Try out Nicholas Sumner Photography, wedding photography Halifax specializes in wedding photography, portrait photography, travel photography and event photography. Nicholas Sumner Photography is based in Halifax, the capital city of Nova Scotia.

Happy Marriage!

Dabai – A Fruit Native to Sarawak

Do you know what dabai is? Jam believes not many have seen dabai before. This is a fruit native to Sarawak. And it can be found mostly in Sibu. But nowadays, dabai has made its way to virtually every market in Sarawak due to its profitability. You know what; the price of 1 kilogram of dabai can rocket up to around RM 40 during low season! The skin of dabai is in black color when it is ripe and it actually resembles an olive. The flesh is yellow in color. It is hard to describe the taste of dabai. Some say it tastes like avocado. And like avocado, the flesh is creamy and sticky!

Dabai   A Fruit Native to Sarawak picture foods  photo

Aperture = F5.7, Shutter Speed = 1/25 sec

Incense Burning

Of course we will see a lot of incenses in the compound of any Chinese temple. And this is a giant incense indeed! I do not like incense burning. Not only because Jam is a Christian, which incense burning is prohibited. But also I do not like the fragrant smoke released when it is burned. To some, the smoke can be an unpleasant odor. Besides, burning of incense also leaves behind a growing ember which is not really friendly to our environment. Perhaps an electric incense burner shall be considered as a substitution to the traditional incense, don’t you think so?

Incense Burning picture culture any object  photo

Aperture = F5.7, Shutter Speed = 1/21 sec

Chinese Pagoda by the Moon

Jam likes the architectural style of Chinese temples. Who does not like anyway? This is the 7-storey pagoda within the boundary of Sibu Tua Pek Kong Temple or otherwise known as Sibu Eng Ann Teng Tua Pek Kong Temple. The pagoda has become a major landmark in Sibu after its completion in 1987. It was built to worship the Goddess of Mercy or Guanyin. Jam took this picture 1 or 2 nights before the just passed Mid Autumn Festival. The moon was big and round. It was unfortunately covered by dark clouds. It actually rained in late night.

Chinese Pagoda by the Moon picture architecture  photo

Pagoda by the moon, nice view!

Sunset Color at Oya Beach

I stumbled into Pixoto, an online community where photographers can compete with other members to win cash prizes every week. Isn’t this great? Whether you are a professional photographer or an amateur photographer like Jam, we can now join online photo contest at Pixoto to gain more exposure and recognition for our fine work. Best of all, you can sign up with Pixoto for free!

Once registered, you can submit your photos to any of their 20 categories. Prior to writing this post, I had seen some stunning images in the landscapes category. This has prompted me to want to submit the following image to enter into the competition.

Sunset Color at Oya Beach picture landscape  photo

Aperture = F6.3, Shutter Speed = 1/160 sec

This is an image I took around 2 years ago at Oya Beach. I had since stored this image in my hard drive. And it went unnoticed for around 2 years until just now when I searched in and out my album for a photo to submit to Pixoto. This is certainly not the best landscape photos Jam had taken. But look at the sunset color. Lovely, isn’t it?

If you are a photographer, join Pixoto for free and start having fun by submitting your images right away! Even if you are not into photography, hop over to Pixoto to see some of the stunning images on display there!

Jam Learns to Snap